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Essay on Drawing The Boundaries Of The Ethical Self

Drawing The Boundaries Of The Ethical Self This paper evaluates some philosophical views regarding the self who is an ethical deliberator and agent-specifically the traditional atomistic individualist self and the expanded biocentric self of deep ecology. The paper then presents an alternative manner of thinking about the ethical self which avoids some of the philosophical difficulties of the foregoing views. This alternative draws on the recent work by Val Plumwood and Donna Haraway. Haraways cyborg identity is a kind of self-in-relation (Plumwoods term) which allows for ethical deliberations that take relations with others seriously without losing individuality in problematic holism (as deep ecology does). Self-in-relation is†¦show more content†¦One possible such self conception is the biocentric self of deep ecology. Deep ecologists seek to expand the self not only beyond the atomistic individual human self but also beyond all human selves. As a way to insure an appropriate concern for all life on Earth, deep eco logists urge the adoption of a self which is identified with all earthly beings. This self-identification will result in the promotion of maximum self-realization for all beings. Since I am not a being among others, my status, interests, etc., are not privileged over any others, though they are still taken into account. Since the biocentric self allows all beings to achieve maximum self-realization, conflicts between egocentric individuals are minimized. Deep ecology seeks to overcome individual/group conflict by expanding the individual self so as to encompass, as self-interest, the interests, rights or claims of other beings which might otherwise be considered alien or hostile. The goal of maximum self-realization is accorded to all beings, since no one being can claim primary importance for its own individual interests, status or rights. The self-interest of the individual is dissolved into the interest of the whole. Since there are no others toward whom one might have duties or to whom one might owe responsibilities, there is no need for moral principles or obligations. The pursuit of self-interest, taken in the expanded sense, is all that is necessary. ButShow MoreRelatedPixar s Organizational Structure Of Pixar Essay1405 Words   |  6 Pageschanges due to the ownership of the corporation an analysis of managerial economics is overdue. What follows is an evaluate how Pixar attains balance between culture, rewards, and boundaries, what is Pixar’s organizational structure and why they have the structure they have, how Pixar’s leadership helps to create an ethical organization, how Pixar’s innovation helps the organization to accomplish its goals, how emotional intelligence helps the leadership guide the company, and how Pixar has overcomeRead MoreApplication Of Songwriting Intervention At My Outpatient Adolescent Group Last Month1385 Words   |  6 Pagesappeared engaged while cutting out quotes, drawing, and gluing words meant to express how they view positive change in their lives. Each young person openly shared their narrative, all except one. With two minutes left of the group, she sighed and read her wor ds aloud. A suicide note slowly formed. I asked several questions about the person in the song, ensured that the patient would be safe, and immediately sought out their case manager. Recognizing the boundaries of my scope of practice as a music therapistRead MoreBoundary of a Legal System1531 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Boundary of a Legal System: Boundaries are considered as significant elements for governing social life since they are the most effective and efficient mechanisms for organizing societies. They achieve this through separating areas that belong to different territories, jurisdictions, natural and legal persons, behaviors, and clans. Since boundaries are described as the dividing line between physical and abstract spheres, they mark areas where something is permitted or prohibited. The modern lifeRead MoreKitchen Best Case Summary Essay1064 Words   |  5 PagesAppliance Ltd. Kitchen Beat arranged for an independent testing agency to conduct product testing and inspection as required by HdM. Qinghua’s proprietor bribed the leader of the testing agency, who allowed Qinghua to interfere with the sample drawing to pass the test. Henry Chan did not pursue the case further for fear of losing profit and the customer. c. Honghua Appliances: New management Honghua Appliance, A key customer of Kitchen Best changed its management style which made the EddieRead MoreNursing Attributes1654 Words   |  7 Pagesbut the soft skills or competencies.’ Competence is a persons underlying knowledge and attributes to complete a task to meet job requirements. Nursing competencies are regarded as knowledge, skills, traits, motives and attributes such as boundaries of care and knowing your own limitations so you do not cause harm to a patient. Another is the logical order of care given, for example the 5 rights / 5 corrects of medical administration:- right patient, right time, right drug, right doseRead More Global Markets vs. Local Realities Essay1599 Words   |  7 Pagesdisciplines. Howes makes his objectives clear - this book is actually intended as a teaching tool (p.8), which likely accounts for its notable clarity. Unlike many similar ventures, Howes et. al.s pedagological approach allows him to openly pose a set of ethical questions by way of conclusion, challenging the reader to actively reflect on the issues raised in the various chapters. That cultures and goods stand in a relation of complex interdependence (p.1), is by now a widely recognized feature of consumerRead MoreAn Introduction to Organizational Behavior1638 Words   |  7 Pagesto new members as the way to perceive, think and feel in the organization) - new organizational paradigms stress and elaborate on the internal organization’s (informal ones) dynamic capacity for transforming exchanges (self-organization, learning, and complex adaptation, drawing attention to relationships, trust and interconnections) ï  ® Chaos theory and OB ï  µ organizations are made up of (visible and invisible) fields that influence our interactions, directions and decisions; and that relationshipsRead MorePersonal Statement959 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity’ mission in scholastic curriculums is, â€Å"to develop within the students’ knowledge, appreciation, understanding, ability, and skills which will prepare them for responsible Christian living in a complex world.† In implementation, the practice of ethical action, redemptive service and responsible citizenship within the church, local community, and globally, are emphasized. As an older student at Lee University, I admit that these values were heavily communicated to me, by my mother, from an earlyRead MoreMarketing For Children : A Social Problem As It Has Created Materialistic Values Among Young Beings1678 Words   |  7 Pageshave to buy things to be cheerful. Highlight Consuming Kids highlight on the acts of a steady multi-billion dollar marketing machine that now offers kids and their folks everything from junk food and fierce computer games to educational products. Drawing on the insights of health care experts, youngsters promoters, and industry insiders, the film concentrates on the dangerous development of kid advertising in the wake of deregulation, indicating how youth advertisers have utilized the most recentRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesThe Great Gatsby, a highly acclaim American novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, entails the demise of the American dream by means of drawing a parallel between Jay Gatsby, a character whom covers his inner qualities with the idealistic characteristics of the rich during the Roaring Twenties in order to obtain the affection go the beloved and deeply flawed Daisy. Regrettably, throughout his conquest for Daisy’s affection, Gatsby falsely presumes that through his accumulation of wealth he will be able to

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