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Local national and International Economic Conditions Affecting the Industry Free Essays

string(33) " Arabia wishing to visit the US\." The Saudi Arabia royal embassy in the Washington dc is highly likely to be affected by a number of different national and international impacts and changing conditions. Most importantly, it should be remembered that the Saudi Arabia tends to be one of the most important oil exporter to the US. As a result relations and trade between the two countries due to the increasing amount of oil trade often tends to be peaceful and cordial if not always warm. We will write a custom essay sample on Local national and International Economic Conditions Affecting the Industry or any similar topic only for you Order Now It should be noted that when locally speaking, the territory of Saudi Arabia is owned and controlled by the Arabs in general and by the royal kingdom comprising of the kings in particular. In other words, in contrast to a democratic leadership which is most often followed, Saudi Arabia follows its monarchy. This may mean that the two countries have, politically speaking very little in common. This may mean that the background setting in which the relations have to built up between the two nations may be somewhat problematic. Apart form this, it should also not be forgotten that in a number of cases, Saudi Arabia is mostly comprised of Arab population. Moreover, most of the Arabic population of Saudi Arabia tends to be Muslims. In such a case the strain and coldness in the relations may often be even more than the usual. Apart form this, the fact that Saudi Arabia uses the sharia form of government also implies that unlike the US and the other western nations, the similarities and the relations that the two countries may have are more distanced then assumed to be. Therefore, in these circumstances, Saudi Arabia and US relations may be difficult to manage out properly. The number of embassies formed, including the Saudi Arabian embassy formed at Washington plays a phenomenal role in improving the relations the two countries have. It should be remembered that relations between countries are most often based upon the common concerns of the two countries. It should be remembered that the US and Saudi Arabia share a common concern regarding the oil exports and imports, regional security and sustainable development. These facts lead to a need for there to being an embassy and were one of the reasons which may have initially leaded to the development of the royal embassy at Washington dc. Moreover, the Middle East peace process and the gulf issue also imply that the international relations improved and consequently had a positive impact upon the embassy of Saudi Arabia. The embassy as also affected by a number of international events. One of such events happens to be the increasing amount of post 9/11 and including the 9/11 attacks on the US. all these events and following the fact that most of the individuals involved in the terrorists attacks were Muslims and Saudi Arabians meant that the Saudi Arabian embassy has to face a great deal of criticism from the public and also to some extent from the US government. Not only this, but the Saudi Arabian legislations and the system of law also imply that the Saudi embassy in the US has to have an increasing amount of troubles. One of the examples of such an event tends to be the one which occurred on 26th June, 2010. This was when a Canadian woman was not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia due to the strict Saudi law which implied that no women can leave or travel anywhere without the authorization of a male guardian. Since, the husband of the Canadian woman, named Nathalie was not willing to give the required authorization, her condition after being help as a hostage continued deteriorating. Following this event there was a great deal of protest and chaos by the local citizens of the US outside the US embassy. Therefore, it can be seen from these instances as to how the embassy of the Saudi Arabian government has to deal with the variety of changing circumstances and conditions due to events at both local, national as well as on international levels. Factors affecting the increase in demand and supply analysis along with the cost structure It should not be forgotten that just like many other industries, even the Saudi Arabian embassy set up at the US tends to be an industry set up as a result of there being an increase in the demand for it. More recently, the increase in the demand for the embassy in particular has been so due to the desires for an increasing amount of investments which the members of the Saudi Arabia wish to do so in the US. Consequently, the embassy actively seeks to allow for conditions which could allow for the demand of the Saudi Arabians to wish to invest into the US to be satisfied easily. Thus, the Saudi embassy sets to provide for a means by which investors wishing to invest in the US should do some with a greater ease. However, there needs to be a clearer analysis to identify the reason why there has been such an increase in the demand for investing in the US. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why this has occurred has been due to the increasing population of Saudi Arabia. This has allowed for a greater deal of prospects which were previously not looked upon to, to being identified. Another reason why there has been such an increase is also due to the government policies and regulations. Now and then, the Saudi government has been encouraging a number of individuals from all over Saudi Arabia to come and invest in the agencies and thereby maximize as much of the profits as it is possible for them to do so. Another important reason for such an increasing demand for the embassy also tends to be due to the growth in the member of individuals from Saudi Arabia wishing to visit the US. You read "Local national and International Economic Conditions Affecting the Industry" in category "Papers" These visits vary in their types, ranging from being pure business to being for tourism perhaps for the reason of emigration. Thus, these embassies serve to help the individuals who wish to visit or are visiting the US with their travel. Apart from this, there has also been an increase in the demand for the Saudi embassy due to the need of the locals of the US to visit Saudi Arabia. These visits may be again for business and may also b for tourism. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why people from the US may visit Saudi Arabia also tends to be for the religious purposes of pilgrimage which all the Muslims may wish o perform for once in their entire life. These factors may therefore lead to a greater demand for the Saudi embassy in Washington DC. When looking at the supply analysis of the industry it is important to note that the supply for the service is primarily dependant upon the state policies of both the US as well as that of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, provided there being good trading conditions and a belief of having strong and cordial relations probably implies an increase in the industry service. On the other hand if there are better conditions then the embassy may experience it being un able to provide for the required services. These factors along with the official budget to be allocated on foreign relations and the economic stability thereby, affects and impacts the cost structure of the state as well. Key embassies in the industry There are numerous embassies set all around the world in order to promote diplomatic relations between the various countries where they have been set up. it is important to note that their various locations and set up have an important impact on the type of relations that have been or are intended for the country. One of the key embassies of the world is the US embassy set up in Iraq. This embassy is the largest and perhaps also one of the most expensive embassies of the world. The location of the embassy has been set up at the green zone. Note that the green zone in Iraq is the most important and commercial area which had and still continues to be the most important of all the zones in Iraq. Note that the way the embassy has been set up reflect the increasing amount of power and domination which the US wants and has portrayed on Iraq. t should also be seen that the fact that there are so many facilities and the fact that the embassy is so large has been indented to do so to show how important and powerful the US continues to be in Iraq. Another such important agency is the Israeli agency set up is the Israeli agency in the US at the Washington DC. The agency has been built up to strengthen the cordial relations between the US and Israel. This perhaps tends to be one of the most important reas ons why the agency has been taken so much care of and has been provided with the utmost level of security. Looking at the se two embassies we can make an analysis in relation to their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to note hat when talking of the US embassy that has been set up in Iraq, the embassy tends to be fully guarded and protected. Note that the Israeli embassy in the US has the same strength. This implies that the importance that the US embassy gets is one of its important strength. Apart from this, however, the type of relations that the government tends to have with the embassy is also an important factor that can be both the strength and the weakness of the embassy. Cultural and ethical dimensions There are an increasing amount of cultural and ethical issues that these embassies have and run according to. In particular when speaking of the ethical and the cultural dimensions of the industry of embassies should be noted that the basic policies concerning g the human rights for most of the industry remain the same. Thus, the industry as a whole may be favoring the basic human right of there being the freedom f speech and the need for an individual to live freely without being harmed by anyone. Apart from this, the charges against harming others for instance theft, robbery, kidnapping or the murder of others is also the same in most of the embassies held all over the world. Apart from this, a number of other issues for instance the use of hard drugs or alcohol may also tend to be more or less the same. There may be a slight deal of variation however depending upon the type of country and its local population and policies. For instance, many Muslim countries may put a ban or may discourage alcohol use. Part from these policies one can also look at other ethical issues like those of abortion, prostitution, euthanasia as well as that of same sex marriages. In all these cases, the type of country and the population may determine weather or not such practices are allowed or not. For instance, in Canada same sex marriages have been allowed in recently perhaps due to the local policies and needs. Another important issue to look upon is the cultural dimension. In this case again it should be noted that each of the embassies take and make a great deal of effort to promote the local culture as much as possible. However, there may be cases when there is in fact no culture at all like it does in the case of the US whose culture is nothing but a melting pot of a variety of cultures. Constraints/threats The Saudi embassy which has been set up in the US has been facing an increasing amount of constraints and threats. Most of these arise out as a result of the changing relations and policies of the US as well as that of the Saudi Arabia. In this case, note that as it had been highlighted before on, these changing relations are a major indicator of where the embassy will head to. For instance, post 9/11 events implied a major threat to the embassy. However, as soon as the government of the Saudi Arabia condemned these acts of terrorism the constraints on the industry loosened. Therefore, the changing relations of the two countries have a great deal of impact on the embassy. Another important constraint that the embassy has is also that of the changing oil prices and the relative impact that the US-Saudi relations tend to have. Therefore, it should be noted that the changing economic and political setup have a great deal of impact on the embassy and acts as a major treat or constraint to it Opportunities Looking at the opportunities, it should be noted that the major trade and the increasing demand for oil provides for a new dimension to the embassy and acts as a growing opportunity. apart from this, the increasing level o investments that have been carried out and are likely to increase in the future by the Saudis to the US and vice versa acts as another important means of growing opportunity and prospects for the industry. Effectiveness it should be noted that even after an increasing deal of problems and threats, the fact that the relationship between the US and the Saudi government have still managed to hold on and manage cordial relationships with a great deal of diplomacy is an important factor which shows how effectively the Saudi government and the agency has managed to deal with most of it’s problems. Embassies culture and ethics It is important to note that the Saudi embassy traces its culture and ethics form the cultural and the ethical heritage of Islam. In particular looking at the many qualities which individuals at the time of the advent of Islam had, it can be seen how the Saudi embassy seeks to promote those cultural and ethical dimensions. These include the muslin qualities of bravery, hospitality, respect for the elders and humility. In addition to this, Saudi Arabia seeks to promote peace and serenity just like the way it had been taught to them by Islam. Apart form this, when looking at the cultural aspects, trade form an important part of their culture and the embassy of the Saudi Arabia seek to promote trade on an extensive way all around the world. How to cite Local national and International Economic Conditions Affecting the Industry, Papers

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