Thursday, June 20, 2019

Matin luther King Juniors I have a dream speech Essay

Matin luther King Juniors I have a dream speech - Essay ExampleHe is well-known global for the speech I have a dream, which was delivered to a crowd of more than 200,000 the Statesns in 1963. This speech essentially refers to the importance of being given the analogous rights as other ethnic groups. Today, many people compare Kings I have a dream speech to the We shall fight speech, which was delivered by Winston Churchill during the Second World War when Britain suffered from nightly bombings conducted by the German Luftwaffe. Both speeches of the famous leaders sought to check their citizens that there was a day that pass on end the suffering and restore justice for all. Both speeches also called on citizens who were experiencing hardships to come together and fight for emancipation in Churchills case, to protect the body politic from the Nazis, and in Kings case to fight against discrimination in American society. The I have a dream speech affected millions of citizens non only in the USA but abroad garnering sympathy for the African American cause. The effects of Kings speech on the international auditory modality were immediate. King would make the cover of the Times magazine in 1963 and receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. In this particular speech, King sought to reassure disenfranchised people from different ethnicities and races, as well as religious minorities. He stated that all mistreated members of different communities could rise up to erect a united stand against injustice (Hansen 131). King was a unique man in that he believed that the proclaimed goals could be achieved without shedding of blood. This was quite an quaint stand at that time, especially when it came to politicians of the USA. It was hard to believe that King could succeed as most African and Asian nations seeking independence from their colonial know around that time were engaged in violent riots and wars. King was quite courageous in openly criticizing the institutio n of segregation, which was usual at that time. In 1963, America was still a segregated society that allowed privileges for white people while African Americans were left to survive on little in the margins of society. Dr King was nearly risking his life by alluding, in his speech, to the fact that he hoped that in the nearest future, his children would not have to experience the segregation that had constantly marked his life. King employ the power of emotions to appeal to citizens of different races, particularly those of the white race, to listen to their heart and common sense, to recall the lyric from the American constitution promising equal rights for all. In the speech, he expressed hope that time would come when his four children experience more freedom than him. By using children as a symbol of glossy future, he was able to emotionally affect the white majority to see his point and understand his sorrow. There are no parents, black or white, who would wish to see their children mistreated in any way or allowed fewer opportunities due to the color of their skin. King also used emotion in the exposition of African American life in the past and present. In one sentence of his speech he says, One hundred years after chairwoman Lincoln set the slaves free, the Negros life remains wretchedly crippled by the chains of discrimination and segregation (Hansen 134). By using words like

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