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Nature Vs. Nurture Theories essays

Nature Vs. Nurture Theories essays Nature Vs. Nurture Theories of Development G. Stanley Halls Recapitulation Theory emphasizes that the changes which characterize the human life cycle today, are parallel to the changes that our species went through during evolution. Hall saw adolescence as a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. He felt that childhood was a time when the innate characteristics of humans were similar to those of animals. Whereas, he felt that adulthood was a time that distinguished humans from animals and raised them to a higher level. So, basically this theory suggests that adolescence is a period of transition from being animal-like to being human-like (civilized). Such a transition is parallel to the evolutionary change that took place as humans evolved from being prehistoric/ape-like beings, to being civilized human beings. Because of the many changes and the great amount of difficulty involved with such, Hall perceived adolescence as a very stressful and difficult time. The main problem with Halls theory is that he didnt have an accurate understanding of the process of human evolution. His theory does not go along with the theory of survival of the fittest, which has been proven to be true. Even if his theory is looked at as an analogy, it still is not accurate because a 2 or 3 year old child has surpassed the capacities of prehistoric human-like animals(monkeys, apes, Neanderthals, etc.), which Hall correlates the stage of childhood to. Although Halls theory is important because it was the first scientific theory of development, it was never widely accepted because of its inaccuracies; ontogeny does not recapitulate phylogeny. Freuds theory of psychoanalysis is a weak interaction theory that places its emphasis on nature. He believed that the changes in a persons life were fixed and universal biologically based. Peoples experiences in life were acts to support those ...

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Heres why chasing happiness won’t make you happy

Heres why chasing happiness won’t make you happy This country was founded partially on the â€Å"pursuit of happiness,† a goal that many people still strive toward on a daily basis. In fact, it seems that people seek constant joy even when they aren’t sure what happiness looks like for their individual lives. Are you so keen on chasing a foggy idea of â€Å"happiness† that you forget to live your life? Do you spend your days trying to avoid all pain, all sadness, and all roadblocks? Happiness is not some kind of prey that can be trapped and held onto for a lifetime. Figure out how to have a healthier relationship with the idea of what it means to have a fulfilling life- which isn’t necessarily a 100% happy one.You’ll never know joy if you never know sadness.Understand that positive emotions aren’t the only ones that make us human. We need the negative ones for balance. Constant happiness would prevent you from accessing the many other emotions that live below your bubbly, Insta-worthy surfa ce. Remember that these other- sometimes undesirable- emotions are often lead to the most productivity. Overcoming challenges can only add to your quality of life, so don’t ignore them! Swim into the current, learn life lessons, and come out a better person.There’s no finish line.The minute you start chasing happiness (or the idea of happiness you have in your head) is the moment you doom yourself never to reach it. Think of happiness more as an activity than a pursuit. You can’t win it and move on, like a prize at the end of a long race. Rather, you cultivate it gently and slowly over the course of your whole life. You learn to discover the people, achievements, and hobbies that bring you joy in the thick of other, more negative feelings and realities of life.Happiness does not equal achievement.You may think if you just keep doing, doing, doing and earning, earning, earning and winning, winning, winning, that happiness will be automatic. But it isn’t ne cessarily equated to success. You will feel great pride with your biggest achievements, but this isn’t the only path to happiness. And excessive pride can lead to selfishness and greed. Stop focusing so hard on your personal advancement and focus on what kind of person you are within every interaction instead.You can’t ever be 100% happy.There will always be something going on in your life that’s unpleasant. Nobody’s life is perfect. Just focus on the positive, feel the emotions you need to process the negative, and remember that happiness isn’t a zero sum game. It’s possible to be mostly happy most of the time. Just don’t try to be perfectly happy all of the time.If you leave a window open for happiness, you’ll find that it finds you fairly easily. Stop to enjoy the little things. Practice more mindfulness. Take joy in the small, the pleasant, the minutiae of your life. Let your cup fill up slowly, by tiny increments, rather t han waiting for one big flood to do it for you.

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Two Questions of international banks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Two Questions of international banks - Essay Example When it is time to pay back the load, the Venezuelan company may not be able to repay in dollars because of exchange controls imposed by the government of Venezuela. Thus, the borrower could not fulfill the demand of contract because of transfer risk (Smith 112). The government policies do not allow the transfer of currency of the opponent country. The local currency is not allowed to be converted into forex so that it may be sent out of the host country. Likewise, forex can not be acquired from the outside. The tangible assets of banks are susceptible to confiscation by the local agencies. The contract between the investor and the government bodies is likely to experience a breach. Other risks are of significantly minute nature that include but are not limited to financial crisis in the host country, local people’s boycott of the bank on the grounds of religion, and delays in currency exchange and transfer because of external influences. Conclusion: International banks suffer a lot because of political risks. Political upsets are both a cause and effect of distorted international banking system. Growth of international banking and role of supply and demand conditions: Introduction: Value of a particular stock upsurges as its demand increases.

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Why accounting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why accounting - Assignment Example ) under ‘You’re Hired† portion: that the Department of Labor and Statistics indicated that â€Å"employment of accountants and auditors will grow faster than average for all occupations through the year 2016† (The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) which makes pursuing accounting very attractive. The â€Å"Career Options† tab provides various career options in different fields and endeavors for accountants. The two things that were interesting are: (1) under non-profit and education area which presented options for accountants under the roles of a CPA at a favorite charity; an accounting teacher; as well as a volunteer accountant, where non-profit organizations and educational institutions could use their skills to generate more funds; (2) under travel: where accountants could pursue a full-time profession in other international destinations and could assume roles such as auditors, and CPAs in tourism and hospitality organizations (The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: Travel), which are career paths that are dynamic. profession: such as strong leadership, communication skills, technological know-how, and being business savvy. The two things found interesting were: (1) learning to lead is through experience and from seeing oneself assuming leadership roles; it is interesting since one could be encouraged to be a leader through daily experiences; and (2) finding out how to develop communication skills through school activities, such as working in groups, making presentations, participating in public speaking endeavors, and acting in plays (The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: CPA Skills), among others. The â€Å"Real Life CPAs† tab is all about information and experiences of known people who are CPAs in different industries and environments; such as Julie Herwitt and Mary MacBain, to name a few. These two CPAs were found to be most interesting, since: (1) Julie Herwitt has been a CPA for 27 years and was

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Earth Day Essay Example for Free

Earth Day Essay The subject of Earth Day has been covered intensively by the world press over the past decade. Many an afternoon has been enjoyed by a family, bonding over the discussion of Earth Day. Until recently considered taboo amongst polite society, it is yet to receive proper recognition for laying the foundations of democracy. Often it is seen as both a help and a hinderence to global commercial enterprises, who are yet to grow accustomed to its disombobulating nature. Complex though it is I shall now attempt to provide an exaustive report on Earth Day and its numerous industries. Social Factors There is cultural and institutional interdependence between members of any community. When Thucictholous said people only know one thing [1] he saw clearly into the human heart. Difference among people, race, culture and society is essential on the survival of our world, however Earth Day raises the question why? Recent thought on Earth Day has been a real eye-opener for society from young to old. It grows stonger every day. Economic Factors There has been a great deal of discussion in the world of economics, centred on the value of Earth Day. We shall examine the Fish-Out-Of-Water model. Taking special care to highlight the role of Earth Day within the vast framework which this provides. Oil Prices Earth Day What a splendid graph. Obviously oil prices sings a very different tune. Perhaps to coin a phrase Earth Dayeconomics will be the buzz word of the  century Political Factors No man is an island, but what of politics? Comparing the general view of politics held by the poor of the west with those of the east can be like comparing. Consider this, spoken at the tender age of 14 by jazz singer Bonaventure H. Amster Taking a walk across hot coals will inevitably hurt your feet. [2] This quotation leads me to suspect that he was not unaccustomed to Earth Day. It speaks volumes. History tells us that Earth Day will always be a vote winner, whether we like it, or not. Why did Earth Day cross the road? To get to the other side! Just my little joke, but lets hope that Earth Day doesnt inspire similar hilarity in the next elections. Conclusion To conclude, Earth Day parades along mans streets and man waves back. It fills a hole, invades where necessary and always chips in.

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Outgoing Travel Organization Business Plan Essay -- business plan, tra

Outgoing travel is an organisation based on the idea of fun and freedom. If you are part of a society, club, international society or just a group of friends, they make it easy to organise life changing trips to destinations and events throughout the UK & Europe. They organise day trips, weekend breaks, events and festivals and many other exciting ventures for anyone with a sense of excitement and fun. Where is the company located? The address of a local outgoing travel organisation is located below: 25 Brunswick Rd Manchester, Greater Manchester, M20 4QB Tel: 0161 610 2000 The company’s main objectives. The company aims to have anybody come along to the organisation, however I would say that their target market, or at least the one the organisation appeals most to is that of students at colleges and universities. The main functions of an organisation are 1. Sales (this involves the distribution of goods and provided by the organisation) 2. Purchasing (this involves a consumer buying the product) 3. Finance (this involves managing the money that flows in and out of the company) 4. Operations (this involves carrying out the main business of the organisation) The main objectives of the organisation are to organise the most prestigious events for young people to enjoy and to help people have something to look forward to before or after they finish college or university. They have ranges of packages which suit even the most discerning of people and they cater to everybody’s needs. As well as that, the company has an objective to make a profit. If the company profits from the events and selling their ideas through marketing, then one of their main objectives have been fulfilled. Also their objective is to pro... ... It helps to give the organisation a clear idea of what sort of person to focus their marketing activities on. It may, for example, be possible to group customers according to geographic area or to target their own promotional and sales efforts more precisely. With this database, the company is also able to communicate successfully with their customers by identifying similar groups of customers to target by a particular method; such as by telephone, direct mail, email or face to face. The company has the choice to reward regular, profitable customers with targeted special offers, and to target customers from whom they haven't had business in the past. CRM also helps the company to measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities so that they don't waste time and money on customers who aren't responding to the promotional campaigns that the company provides.

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Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Twelve

Miranda, dressed in the blue uniform, pushed aside the man she'd just hit over the head with the clock to reach Sibby. She still had handcuff bracelets around her wrists, each dangling a piece of chain. Her wrists, her hands, were shaking. She lifted the unconscious girl gently. â€Å"Sibby, come on, open your eyes.† It wasn't supposed to have taken so long. The plan had been simple: She and Sibby would switch identities by switching outfits. When Deputy Reynolds double-crossed them, like Miranda knew he would, it would be Miranda disguised as Sibby he'd hand over to his crew, and she'd deal with them, then come back and rescue Sibby. At least, that's how it should have gone. â€Å"Okay, Sib, time to wake up,† Miranda said, carrying the girl now, cradling her pressed against her chest as she moved as quickly as possible. She could hear Sibby's heartbeat, but it was faint, and slow. Getting fainter. This is not happening. â€Å"Rise and shine, Sibby,† she said, her voice cracking. â€Å"Up and at 'em.† Miranda hadn't expected to find all five of Deputy Reynolds's goons waiting for her-shouldn't someone have been in the getaway car? – and especially hadn't anticipated the woman he'd picked up from the airport having rhinestone-studded brass knuckles. The blow to the head had given them time to cuff Miranda to a pipe and made her a little weak, so it had taken her longer than it should have to knock them off with a series of roundhouse kicks and one side scissor, then break the chain on the cuffs and free herself. Giving Deputy Reynolds more time with Sibby's esophagus than she'd planned. A lot more. The heartbeat was getting softer, harder to hear. â€Å"I'm so sorry, Sibby. I should have gotten here sooner. I tried my best, but I couldn't get the handcuffs off and I was too weak and I failed and-† Miranda was having trouble seeing and realized she was crying. She stumbled but kept running. â€Å"Sibby, you've got to be okay. You can't go. If you don't come back, I swear I'll never have fun again. Not once.† The heartbeat was just a whisper now, the girl in her arms a pale ghost. Miranda choked back a sob. â€Å"God, Sibby, please-â€Å" Sibby's eyes flickered. Color surged into her cheeks and her heart picked up. â€Å"Did it work?† she whispered. Miranda swallowed the huge lump in her throat and resisted the urge to crush her. â€Å"It worked.† â€Å"Did you-â€Å" â€Å"Clocked him with the clock, as requested.† Sibby smiled, reached her hand up to Miranda's cheek, then closed her eyes again. They didn't reopen until they were in the car with the historical society behind them. She sat up and looked around. â€Å"I'm in the front seat.† â€Å"Special occasion,† Miranda explained. â€Å"Don't get used to it.† â€Å"Right.† Sibby worked her neck back and forth. â€Å"That was a good plan. Trading outfits so they'd think you were me and not worry so much about restraints.† â€Å"They still went all out.† Miranda pushed the cape back. â€Å"I broke the chain, but I can't get the bracelets off.† Thinking for some reason of Kenzi at the prom saying, Are you ready to unshackle yourself from the insecurities of your youth? Are you ready to own your future? â€Å"What happened to Plant Boy?† â€Å"I called in an anonymous tip telling them where to find him and the bodies of the guards he shot. He should be on his way to jail.† â€Å"How did you know you were right? That he was trying to trick us?† â€Å"I can tell when people are lying.† â€Å"How?† â€Å"Different things. Little gestures. Mostly by listening to their heartbeats.† â€Å"Like if they speed up, they're lying?† â€Å"Everyone is different. You need to know how they react when they're telling the truth to know how they react when they're lying. His heartbeat gets slower, more even when he lies, like he's trying to be extra careful.† Sibby looked at her more closely. â€Å"You can hear people's heartbeats?† â€Å"I hear a lot of things.† Sibby took that in. â€Å"When Plant Boy was strangling me because he thought I was you? He called me Princess. And said some people thought you had superpowers like a teen Wonder Woman or something.† Miranda felt her chest get tight. â€Å"He did?† â€Å"And he said there was a bounty on your head. Alive or dead. Although I'm sorry to say that I'm worth ten times as much as you are.† â€Å"It's not nice to brag.† â€Å"Is it true? That you're Wonder Woman?† â€Å"Maybe the lack of oxygen went to your head but Wonder Woman is a comic-book character. Made up. I'm a real, normal person.† Sibby snorted. â€Å"You are definitely not normal. You're totally neurotic.† A pause. â€Å"That wasn't an answer. Are you really a princess with superpowers?† â€Å"Are you really a sacred prophet who knows everything that is going to happen?† Their eyes met. Neither of them said anything. Sibby stretched, sprawling out over the front seat, and Miranda turned up the radio and they drove on in silence, both of them smiling. After a few miles Sibby said, â€Å"I'm starving. Could we stop for a burger?† â€Å"Yeah, but we're on a schedule, so no kissing strange guys.† â€Å"I knew you were going to say that.†

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Antigone as a Feminist Icon

Antigone as a Feminist Icon Male authority is a dominant theme in Sophocles’ â€Å"Antigone. † Men occupied the land, ruled the towns and assigned the women duties to perform. Antigone, however, believed that she was just as strong as the men who ruled society during that time, which led to her downfall. The goal of the feminist movement has generally been to seek equality between the sexes. Through the women’s movement, women have won the right to vote, and can now compete for traditionally male roles in the workplace.Although the feminist movement has largely taken place during the last 200 year, many figures in history have embodied characteristics of the contemporary feminist, such as the character of Antigone in Sophocles’ â€Å"Antigone. † Antigone’s introduction as a feminist is within the context of a fiercely sexist civilization. Sophocles paints a vivid portrait of a male dominated society. In 442 BC, women believed that they were i nferior to men because men held power and influence over the people and the cities.The patriarchy consisted of men who considered themselves of higher importance and standing, and men who would assign women duties and expect them to perform without question. This authoritarian rule placed women in a subordinate role and extinguished any hopes of power. In the face of this efficiently and tightly controlled agency, Antigone rebels with what Catherine Holland describes as an â€Å"otherness† and an â€Å"anti-authoritarian† bent. Her very existence as the protagonist and, simultaneously, the antagonist defines her character as the adversary of man and thereby the adversary of the world.Antigone’s razor sharp temerity captures the spirit of modern and nascent feminism as she slashes the societal fabric into which she is woven. Antigone’s relationship with her sister Ismene also acutely expresses her feminist attributes. Ismene says â€Å"You ought to realiz e we are only women, not meant in nature to fight against men, and that we are ruled by those who are stronger. † These words provide insight into the female animus. Antigone confronts the difficult situation of whether or not to bury her brother Polynices against the wishes of her uncle, Creon the king.Ismene believes that women, including herself and Antigone, should not and cannot disobey Creon’s orders by burying their own brother. Antigone disagrees and decides to proceed with her plan. Her divergent thought puts her at odds with her entire family and her own survival. This speaks to the power of feminist thought. Antigone shines as a beacon for her contemporaries and for future generations who aspire to emulate her courage and honor. Vital to the play is Antigone’s conflict with Creon.Her resolute feminist ideology is perhaps most profound in regards to her interaction and relationship with her misogynistic and powerful uncle, the King of Thebes. Creon is a central patriarchal figure in society, and he renounces his beliefs in order to follow the laws of man. He values the laws of man above all other creeds, be they religious or moral. Conversely, Antigone follows the laws of the gods. She holds these principals paramount to the laws of Creon. When her mores, in particular, her family values, are impugned by the oppressive, myopic laws of the day, Antigone clashes with the intolerable, indulgent influence of Creon.With a fearless countenance she collides with Creon in a representative â€Å"battle of the sexes. † Creon forbids the burial of Antigone’s brother Polynices, which vexes the core of her family values. This profound allegiance compels her to disregard her place in society, while concurrently adhering to the traditional duty of women of that era. She now embodies a complicated and dynamic actor in her own story and the narrative of feminist thought. Antigone manifests the apogee of human probity, including forti tude and approbation for the gods.The law of the gods mandate that a proper burial right be given to a body. To Antigone this was more salient than Creon’s declaration otherwise. She reserves a traditional role as a woman; while also brazenly confronting this image. Challenging him through word and deed, she verbally criticizes him and ignores his decree against burying her brother. Creon becomes enraged by this rejection of his autonomy and condemns Antigone to death. Even though Creon knows that Antigone is the daughter of Jocasta, he knows that he must consummate his judgment to conserve his command over and respect of the people of Thebes.This battle between chauvinism of Creon and the conscious of Antigone sets the stage for the new king to secure his role as a strong and worthy leader. If he is feared and admired, he will be confirmed as the sublime authoritative force in Thebes. His deference to the state will engender the obedience of the people. Creon’s derisi ve manipulation to coerce others conflicts with Antigone’s courageous challenge to his leadership. Many of the men of Thebes embraced Creon’s bold assertions against women. As a model of defiance, Antigone is used to set an example to all of Thebes.Antigone is not only the first woman but first person whom intentionally defies Creon’s order to not bury her brother, who has been acknowledged a traitor to Thebes. Creon refuses to humble himself before others, or compromise on the issue but most importantly with women. He states that it is † Better to fall from power, if fall we must, at the hands of a man-never to rated inferior to a woman, never†. Antigone does not give Creon additional respect based on the fact that he a man in patriarchal society or because he is king. Rather she argues that there shall be equality under God and the equality among all of the sexes.Antigone makes it clear to Ismene that she will take action relating to their brother regardless if Ismene agrees or not. Although they argue, there difference in opinion stand out in the end. Antigone is brave enough to stand firm on her decision and although Ismene is far too weak to defy the kings laws, she still feels as if she holds somewhat of a responsibility towards her sister. Without the help of her sister, Iseme, Antigone is willing to put her life at risk in order to provide for her brother and give him what deserves as far as the what the Gods say should be done.Despite Creon, Antigone is willing to test male authority although it may mean not fulfilling her duties as a sister. Ismene states: â€Å"Remember we are women, we're not born to contend with men. Then too, we're underlings, ruled by much stronger hands, so we must submit in this, and things still worse†. These words express Ismene’s extreme fear of subordination towards men. It shows her viewpoint on how the laws restricted the lives of woman and inferiority men placed upon women. A sense of responsibility is place upon Ismene to die with her sister as the the result of Antigone’s plea for help and her fear of being without family. When Creon spoke to Haemon, about the actions of his fiance, he strongly stresses the importance of obligations and the relationships of a man to his father over his wife. Furthermore, he emphasizes the position of males in judgment making by stating, â€Å" Oh Haemon, never loose your sense of judgment over a woman† Haemon's defiance to his father lead Creon to proclaim him a â€Å"woman's slave,† a man who is unfortunately sided with a woman.Creon had strong belief that these types of actions were close to committing a sin. If Antigone had been born the son of Oedipus, Creon would not have the authority to choose, as his crown would rest upon Antigone's head. If Antigone were a male and Creon had been king, the possibility of her opinion on Polynices burial may have been considered. However, Antigone's femini nity made her situation more problematic than it was, as the King completely overlooked Antigone's judgment over the matter. In conclusion, Antigone validates feminist opinions in numerous ways.She begins to challenge society by her existence in the establishment of a dominant male society guided by her own uncle. Antigone defies her own sister and her own mortality as she stays loyal to her beliefs regardless of Creon’s devotion to his own laws. Antigone as a woman, acted out in obligation as a duty for her family and for the Gods. Her integrity serves as an example for her society. Antigone faced her mortality head on, which suggest that she possesses a strong characteristic of bravery and obstinacy. Her legacy will live on to inspire many other insurgents to take a stand on their principles.Antigone's solid feminist stance as a rebelling and male-controlled dictator shows that individualistic thinking and actions can be very powerful in both past and present modern day soc iety. Works Cited Amacher, Richard E. â€Å"Antigone: â€Å"The Most Misread of Ancient Plays†. † National Council of Teachers of English 20. 7 Apr. (1959): 355-58. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. ;http://www. jstor. org/stable/372655;. Holland, Catherine A. â€Å"After Antigone: Women, the Past, and the Future of Feminist Political Thought. † American Journal of Politcal Science 42. Oct. (1998): 1108-32. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. ;http://www. Jstor. org/stable/2991851;. Klemperer, Klemens V. â€Å"†What is the Law That Lies behind These Words? † Antigones Question and the German Resistance against Hitler. † The Chicago Press 64 Dec. (1992): S102-11. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. ;http://www. jstor. org/stable/2124971;. Knapp, Charles. â€Å"A Point in the Interpretation of the Antigone of Sophocles. † The American Journal of Philology 37. 3 (1916): 300-16. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. ;http://www. jstor. org/stable/849663;. Schilb, John, and John

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Push Versus Pull Technology

Push Versus Pull Technology The internet is a very complex communication platform. The current form of the internet is the product of multiple innovations from various people. The internet still has many technological gaps despite its current complex form. Therefore, the number of business applications as well as the tools and protocols that guide the operations of the internet will keep on increasing.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Push Versus Pull Technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the context of communication protocols, technology falls within two broad classes. The two classes are Push Technology and Pull Technology. This paper examines the background, current uses, and future applications of these two technologies. Definitions The term â€Å"Pull Technology† refers to the communication model where end users initiate requests for data. Usually, the data sits in remote servers. On the other hand, â€Å"Push Tech nology† refers to the communication model where servers initiate the transfer of data to end users. In this case, the user is a passive recipient of information sent from the servers. The servers use filters to distinguish between different pools of information relevant to specific users. Push Technology Background to the Technology Push Technology applications avail the information in remote facilities to users. A remote server uses filters to distinguish between the kinds of information sent to each user. This model is similar to the operations of television and radio broadcast systems. The main difference between traditional applications of Push Technology and the internet is that internet Push Technology can allow for two-way communication between a server and a receiver. For instance, a receiver can make further inquiries based on the information received passively from a server. This is not possible with radio and television. Current Uses of Push Technology Some examples of current applications of Push Technology include online advertisements, chat, email system, and RSS feeds. Internet search companies such as Yahoo and Google use advertisements to raise revenues to fund their operations.Advertising Looking for research paper on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When a user opens a webpage, it usually has adverts from various companies related to the content on the screen. Search engine companies display advertisements without any specific request from the users. Internet chat is the second example of the application of Push Technology. When a person initiates internet chat with someone else, the receiver has no control over the information he receives via the service. Chats usually pop up when someone tries to make contact from a remote location. The receiver can only react by responding or shutting down the chat service. In recent times, VoIP has become an in tegral part of online chat. This application uses voice rather than text as the main chat medium. Such applications will increase in number in the future. The third example of a Push Technology application is email. Email makes it possible for internet users to communicate by sending messages to each other. Senders can send any information they please if they have the email address of a recipient. Many Internet users receive spam mail from people unknown to them in addition to emails from familiar sources. The fourth application of push systems in business is the use of RSS feeds. RSS feeds came up to enable registered people to receive notifications regarding the availability of certain types of content. RSS feeds enable such people to get alerts about recently published articles and blog posts on topics of interest to them. This helps them to keep in touch with development in fields of interest. Future Uses of Push Technology Push Technology applications will remain an important p art of the online experience of many users. The main areas where Push Technology will remain important include online advertising, surveillance systems, and security applications. The current success of online advertising makes it easy to predict its continued use. Internet giants such as Google and Yahoo have proved that it is a viable business model. Facebook joined these ranks and is now experiencing good returns from its online advertising programs. These examples show that advertising will remain a major application of Push Technology.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Push Versus Pull Technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Secondly, surveillance systems will use Push Technology to collect information about activities in various places. A very modest example is the use of nanny cams to monitor household activities. The nannies are unaware that they are under surveillance by remote servers. On a diff erent note, facial recognition software running on clandestine platforms will pick out wanted persons using webcams. Thirdly, more security applications will rely on push systems. Already, many facilities use biometrics to authenticate requests to get access to sensitive areas. In the future, such systems will become more common. Banks will deploy Push Technology to authenticate requests to withdraw funds from automated teller machines, and even institutions such as schools will use them to sift out students from intruders. Pull Technology Background to the Technology Pull Technology emerged when it became apparent that internet users wanted to control their access to information. In this regard, early forms of the internet gave users the ability to search data repositories, initially for research. This is still the predominant form of internet usage today. Users go to web addresses where they believe they will find useful information. The central aspect of Pull Technology is that i t gives users discretion and control over where to look for information. This is different from traditional media such as radio and television that provide information based on the aggregate needs of viewers and listeners. Current Uses of Pull Technology Some of the current uses of Pull Technology are as follows. When advertisers are trying to reach global audiences, or scattered customer bases, they place content that potential customer will look for online. When these potential customers type the keywords related to their interests, search engines find the sites that contain such content. Pull Technology works when advertisers and people seeking to reach a wide audience place content on websites that matches the needs of internet users. Secondly, internet search engines work based on Pull Technology. Almost all internet users go to a search engine first to find sites of value to them. Search engines make it possible for them to find the information they need based on their require ments. Google is the leading search engine today. However, Yahoo and Bing are also important players in the global internet search industry.Advertising Looking for research paper on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The third application of Pull Technology is in companies with restricted repositories. Many companies have confidential documents on their intranets. Such companies allow only their employees to get access to such repositories. For instance, a company like Apple has many projects going on at any time. Its product development teams do not communicate with people outside the company regarding Apple’s ongoing projects. At various points, these employees need information in the repository to carry out their functions. For instance, a project administrator may need the company’s budgets in order to prepare tender documents. In this case, the administrator uses Pull Technology to get access to the information in the repository. This is a common use of Push Technology in many corporations. Future Uses of Pull Technology Pull Technology will be around for a long time to come. Internet users need to have control over the content they view online. The future applications of Pull Technology are as follows. First, Pull Technology will remain a source of influence over the content people develop for websites and blogs. When people publish their articles online, they expect to find an audience for it. Search Engine Optimizations helps them to prepare content that interested persons can find through search engines. While these activities are already part of business today, they will become even more important to businesses in the future. Secondly, ecommerce will spur the further development of Push Technology. Ecommerce usually requires the active participation of the users. When buying something online, an internet user must go through a deliberate purchasing process. This means that the demand for Push Technology will grow with time as more people start participating in ecommerce. Thirdly, more devices are becoming part of the internet. Futuristic dreams of controlling gadgets in the home from remote locations are becoming viable with time. Soon, it may be po ssible to turn off a refrigerator remotely via the internet. There are many internet-ready gadgets in the market already. They include printers, scanners, and cameras. It is just a matter of time before ordinary household gadgets become part of the internet. The significance of these developments in light of Push Technology is that people will need a means of controlling these devices remotely. While a refrigerator may only need a thermostat to turn on or off, it requires an intelligent mind to raise its temperature from -50 to -10 in response to environmental changes. Someone on a long vacation will be able to turn off his refrigerator when winter starts. This example illustrates the technological direction the internet will take in the future, as more devices become part of the internet. Conclusion The future of the Push and Pull Technologies will follow different paths, depending on the specific applications in question. Push Technology will become more important to law enforceme nt agencies such as local police and counter terrorism units across the world. Espionage will depend on clandestine applications based on Push Technology to increase the accuracy of intelligence gathered for business or law enforcement purposes. Secondly, the future of Push Technology is also bright because of the increasing sophistication of internet users across the world. Users will keep on demanding better content and greater control over their online activities. In this regard, more content of this nature will be available online as time moves on. The third expectation is the convergence of the two technologies in more applications across the internet. Today, Google search results display both the results of a search and adverts related to the search. While the user initiates the search process, the search engine provider uses the opportunity to place adverts on the screen. The simultaneous application of both technologies will become more common. Cardoso, Gustavo. From Mass C ommunication to Networked Communication: Thoughts 2.0. Lisbon: Lisbon Internet and Networks, 2009. Print. Holmes, David. Communication Theory: Media, Technology, and Society. London: SAGE, 2005. Print. Kull, Katrin. The Model of Internet-Based Marketing Communication. Tallinn: Tallinn Technical University, 2003. Print.

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How To Get Your Professor’s Help Finding a Job

How To Get Your Professor’s Help Finding a Job Networking is everything, right? But what if you’re only just out of college- or perhaps still in college. Who do you have to network with? Keep in mind you may be forgetting a valuable resource: your professors. They know better than anyone about your skills and performance, and they have professional contacts galore. They’re also generous! And if they know you very well as a student, they’d probably be more than happy to help steer you towards success.Sound great? It is. But it’s not that easy. There are a few things you’ll have to do in order for a professor to be willing to vouch for you like that. Here are a few steps you can start with to earn their favor.1. Do the work.It sounds very simple, and it is. But you have to put in the effort. Show up to class. Do the work, and do it well. Speak up in class. Stay engaged. Turn up to office hours. Do your best, humbly accept criticism, and improve. Showing you can learn from mistakes and act respectf ully and grow sets you up very well, indeed.2. Get some face time.You’ll need to have a relationship with your professor if they’re going to put their name on the line for you. Send out a beginning-of-the-semester hello email introducing yourself. This will help you stand out early on, especially if you back it up by attending office hours at least semi-regularly. You’ll set yourself up well to be on the radar when you need to ask a favor.3. Be helpful to get help.Offer to help with your professor’s clinical trial or big research project. You might have to start small as you build experience, but eventually you’ll learn a ton and gain their trust and respect. And that way when you ask for help, it won’t be entirely one-sided.4. Ask for a recommendation letter.A recommendation letter is a great gateway to other kinds of career help. You’ll definitely need references in your first flurries of job applications. Trying to find your first job can be daunting and confusing, and a letter from your professor can really help make all the difference.5. Seek informational interviews.You can also ask your professor for help setting you up with their professional contacts for informational interviews to get a sense of what working in a particular industry will be like. Asking for referrals to contacts and introductions is a smaller leap than asking for help finding a job. And if you make them proud you’ll be well-placed to ask them for the bigger stuff later on.6. Get help with your resume.The last step on the way to actually asking for job help is to ask for help preparing your job application package. No one knows better than your professor, a professional in their field, what would be most advantageous on a resume. Swing by those office hours again and ask for tips. Don’t show up with a blank page and expect them to write it for you. Do put a lot of work, and thought into your materials and ask just for enou gh help to polish up the details.

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A world without words reflection Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A world without words reflection - Coursework Example Unfortunately it’s the doctors’ or rather clinicians’ views that are reflected which paints this children as dormant and damaged. Both clinicians and direct care staff are involved in the social construction process of these children but programs by clinicians are not adequate for their needs since they do not know them well or on a close personal level. Though the direct-care staff reports are more accurate, no one has ever considered these children as children first1. Like the use of electric shock to deter a kid from stealing food from other children’s’ plate is crude and an animal like training2. After reading through this article, we learn that choices made by these children should be considered when designing rehabilitation programmes for them because through this one understands these children’s life, challenges, choices and preferences and thus one is able to help them

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Fiber and health benefit of fiber Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fiber and health benefit of fiber - Article Example Hence, additional benefits apart from maintaining health of the digestive track. Fiber comprises of two categories, which include soluble and insoluble where each has a specific role in the body (Vuksan, Rogovik, Jovanovski & Jenkins, 2009). The latter category increases stool’s bulkiness besides easing its passage out through the gut whereas the soluble fiber performs other diverse roles like reducing diseases’ risks. The objective and goal of this study entails highlighting fiber’s diverse and essential benefits in the body despite its â€Å"inertness† as contended by health and nutritional experts. Studies contend that fiber intake normally reduces cardiovascular disease risks by 40% especially among the high-fiber takers compared the low eaters (Anderson, Smith & Gustafson, 1994). This is because soluble fiber aids in excreting of the excess abnormal blood cholesterol found in the human intestines. Mainly, this entails shunning excessive absorption of cholesterol in an individual’s intestines via combining bile and dietary cholesterol, which eventually excretes after their reaction (Vuksan, Rogovik, Jovanovski & Jenkins, 2009). Hence, maintaining the necessary cholesterol or HDL levels in the body besides shunning risks that might yield to heart predicaments or reduce severe conditions among the chronic individuals (De Koning & Hu, 2011). Soluble fibers have also proved to be helpful among people experiencing both types of diabetes where they all emanate from legumes, pectin and vegetable roots like carrots. This is especially via regulating body sugar levels evident in the body after food intake. The process entails making a hindrance to the fast gastric emptying in the stomach coupled with slowing glucose entry into bloodstreams. Besides, it also lessens the rate of sugar rising, which occurs in every post-meal both in normal and diabetic people (Anderson, Baird,