Friday, November 1, 2019

Fiber and health benefit of fiber Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fiber and health benefit of fiber - Article Example Hence, additional benefits apart from maintaining health of the digestive track. Fiber comprises of two categories, which include soluble and insoluble where each has a specific role in the body (Vuksan, Rogovik, Jovanovski & Jenkins, 2009). The latter category increases stool’s bulkiness besides easing its passage out through the gut whereas the soluble fiber performs other diverse roles like reducing diseases’ risks. The objective and goal of this study entails highlighting fiber’s diverse and essential benefits in the body despite its â€Å"inertness† as contended by health and nutritional experts. Studies contend that fiber intake normally reduces cardiovascular disease risks by 40% especially among the high-fiber takers compared the low eaters (Anderson, Smith & Gustafson, 1994). This is because soluble fiber aids in excreting of the excess abnormal blood cholesterol found in the human intestines. Mainly, this entails shunning excessive absorption of cholesterol in an individual’s intestines via combining bile and dietary cholesterol, which eventually excretes after their reaction (Vuksan, Rogovik, Jovanovski & Jenkins, 2009). Hence, maintaining the necessary cholesterol or HDL levels in the body besides shunning risks that might yield to heart predicaments or reduce severe conditions among the chronic individuals (De Koning & Hu, 2011). Soluble fibers have also proved to be helpful among people experiencing both types of diabetes where they all emanate from legumes, pectin and vegetable roots like carrots. This is especially via regulating body sugar levels evident in the body after food intake. The process entails making a hindrance to the fast gastric emptying in the stomach coupled with slowing glucose entry into bloodstreams. Besides, it also lessens the rate of sugar rising, which occurs in every post-meal both in normal and diabetic people (Anderson, Baird,

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