Saturday, July 20, 2019

Educationally Driven Assimilation Essay -- Education, Politics

The United States educational system has existed nearly unchanged for hundreds of years. As the system itself remains the same, the content in courses has not. The discussion of what courses should and should not be required or even offered has shifted into a question of politics. As the movement towards becoming more politically correct has expanded, so has its influence upon the educational system. Education on racial issues, which was once deemed as necessary, are now being removed out. A university that feeds on fear-driven proposals offered by the politically correct movement ultimately decides to remove courses that may be falsely perceived as discriminatory. There is a single question that must be asked due to this new trend. Is political correctness being used to target and remove racial issues from the classroom in an attempt to assimilate all cultures? Using three arguments, this paper will seek to support the idea that forcing political correctness into a classroom removes racial issues, and attempts to assimilate minorities. First, political correctness demands modification of both the educational structure, and of the student. Second, political correctness assimilates both the language and actions of individuals. Third, a discussion of white dominance is required to stop a forced assimilation and create a mutual respect of differences instead. Although being politically correct appears to be good on face, the concept can be weaponized in an attempt to halt unwanted discussion. A highly regarded professor from Harvard was ultimately forced to stop offering his class â€Å"Peopling of America† due to its focus on racial issues. (Taylor, 198). Although the Harvard professor was teaching the same course that ... ...the ideals of political correctness target and assimilate cultural differences. The ideals of being PC require followers to think alike, act alike, discuss things alike, and avoid all of the same questions. Uniformity is not the answer to solving cultural differences. When uniformity is preferred it creates a binary that allows individuals to be considered part of the group or different. It is this categorization of individuals that allows the elite to manipulate and oppress against individuals in the United States. The elites can target a group and the majority will find it justified as that group is not part of the unified. The alternative, however, is to allow discussions of difference to occur. If our society can grow to respect differences instead of try to assimilate them, then we will ultimately have a whole group that can include any form of minority.

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