Friday, August 23, 2019

Common Wealth Alliance Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Common Wealth Alliance Case - Essay Example Due to low-income, they do not qualify for enrollment by other insurance agencies. Cutting down on healthcare costs, which CCA advocates for, is thus necessary. The model involves a strategy that promotes patient-centered healthcare making medication affordable. CCA adopts an approach that facilitates quality health support to the elderly and disabled patients with complex needs. It appreciates simplified ways of avoiding medical complications such as multiple medical specialists for an elder suffering from chronic illness. It not only makes healthcare provision undemanding but also affordable for its beneficiaries. Senior care plan focuses on enhancing flexible and continued care for the elderly. Unlike other insurance models, CCA prefers adult day care to nursing homes. Care providers are volunteers organized into care delivery networks. CCA program also entails joint contracts with Medicare and Medicaid, for example, the operation of three Massachusetts care programs in May 2007. CCA’s senior care options (SCO) program eligibility is broader than that for other insurance providers. Elderly beneficiaries do not have to be nursing home certifiable. Notably, it admits younger patients with complicated health conditions. Specific servicers offered depend on the needs of the patient and their availability in the local setup. Teaching patients self-care and provision of home health aides reduces the necessity for nursing home placement. SCO fund services not covered by Medicaid. Funding of services not covered by Medicaid presents beneficiaries with reliable quality services. Apart from the services mentioned above, patients also enjoy skilled nursing care and transportation. It includes all components of care either directly or through subcontracts. CCA aims at bringing better health care to its beneficiaries. Central to CCA’s goal is the improvement in self-management of multiple recurring illnesses. Once acquired, self-care skills are

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