Friday, August 9, 2019

Conspectus and Collection Mapping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Conspectus and Collection Mapping - Essay Example There are a lot of individuals who are using the libraries and among them are children who are going to schools or professional individuals that are in need to be guided by a certain library system that would make their library experience a bit easier and would further guide them as they surf through different services that the aforementioned library renders. A library system is a must in order to cater the needs of the users in a manner that is not stressful to them considering the fact the library should meet the demands of its users to be effective in meeting the needs of the people who are using it. In the case of the aforementioned library, the conventional method should have at least been altered in partial in order for the people and the administrator to utilize the library to the fullest. In this case library materials should be recorded subject by subject in order fro the users and the administrators not to be lost in utilizing the materials in the library. The collection of the library should develop a certain program in order to guide the people who are utilizing the library. Upon analyzing these things, Conspectus Method came into picture. Library, University of Auckland (2006) described that "According to the conspectus, library resources are divided into 24 broad subject divisions, and within these divisions each subject is further divided according to the Dewey classification system used by most of the libraries on campus. Each subject area is graded by using a code from 0 (out of scope) to 5 (comprehensive). Language coverage is defined by further codes. These codes are described on the following pages." - This means that library resources should be divided into divisions and classifies them accordingly with the use of Dewey classification system in order to group the materials accordingly. In the case of the aforementioned library where it caters approximately 650 students excluding those professional people and by-standers who are also utilizing the library, this method is really a necessity in this library considering the amount of people who are using this library. If we are to analyze, classifying the materials in the library is a big help in order for the people to be guided. Conspectus and Collection Mapping 3 For instance in the history classification of this library where it houses a little over a hundred of history books, classifying these books into a smaller fragments of classification is beneficial for the users considering the fact that a certain subject and classification has their differences from volume, the essence of their uses and the likes so it is important to have these classification in order for the users to be guided. For instance in the classification History, it was subdivided into smaller classification such as World History, American History and the likes, in the same thing, these books are also divided into volumes, years, and editions in order to locate them without hassle. If we are to look into

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