Sunday, August 11, 2019

How we determine if a portable air cleaner is effective Research Paper

How we determine if a portable air cleaner is effective - Research Paper Example The use of air purifiers assists to eliminate these components, thus helping to relieve respiratory symptoms. These components are harmful to human health, especially for people who suffer from asthma or allergic to the common allergen particles. Air cleaners eliminate about 98 percent of harmful particles in the air. Portable air cleaners that are slow to remove contaminants in the air are considered as extremely ineffective. The electrostatic precipitators removed ozone which aggravated the asthma attacks. On the other hand, portable air purifiers are perceived to be effective if they eliminate all the harmful air particles to create a high indoor air quality. The paper establishes that a portable air cleaner is effective if the air it cleans does not affect a patient with allergic respiratory diseases to common particle allergens, such as, pollen, dander, dust, and mold. This means that the equipment can ensure good air quality. Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. Control of air quality is crucial for various reasons including the control of moisture damage, and to ensure proper health of the occupant. Most people purchase air purifiers in order to ease allergies or asthma. The practice cleaning air using portable devices started in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The World Health Organisation has set out standards of air conditioning to ensure to that indoor air quality is maintained. The air pollutants are mainly classified into four categories including particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulphur dioxide. There is evidence that ozone and particulate matter pose health risks to humans. Therefore, humans need to stay away from these compounds. Removing the sources of pollution is more effective in contrast to cleaning the already polluted air. Portable air cleaners are tasked with ensuring that air is free from contaminants. In this

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