Friday, August 30, 2019

Sebastians voodoo

Baldwin attention to detail was part of what made this AD animation intriguing. He used the animation technique of anthropomorphism by showing the breathing movements of the dolls. The film used a lot Of imagination, emotion and drama. The short video told a complete story without missing any plots, which made the mood of the piece very mysterious and suspenseful. Till the very end of the film, kept wondering what was going to happen next, if the witch doctor was going to spot the escaped doll or if the doll was going to successfully kill the doctorate.I also felt sympathy for the dolls because they looked worried and frightened. The uses of deem lightning was a major contribution to the eerie feel of the animation. It was easy to understand that the film was going to be gloomy and dark because of the low lightning. The dark silhouette of the witch doctor also contributed to the fear of the unknown. The juxtaposition of light and darkness was also emphasized. The dark lights in the b eginning and the bright lights at the end enhanced the story and plot. The witchdoctor symbolized darkness and the voodoo dolls ironically, symbolized light and hope.When the witch doctor died, a bright light filled the room, which showed that good always wins against evil and the voodoo dolls had been saved. Right from the onset of the film, the moody soundtrack, which played through out the film at different tempos, sets up a mysterious atmosphere of suspense, fear and tension. The music, which is non-dietetic, gave the animation a dark and sinister feel. Before the witch doctor pinned the first voodoo doll, the soundtrack was exciting and drum eke, but after the doll fell to the table, the sound track changed to a mournful tone.The moody soundtrack supplemented the lack of dialogue and narration as the soundtrack also told the story. Aside from mood music, there were also dietetic sounds; flickering lights, footsteps, switching of the light switch and opening and closing of doors were also important details as they added to the feeling of suspense and fear of the unknown. Additionally, the animation was fairly cartoon but the voodoo dolls had realistic human like movements. The animation was also very full as there are a lot Of movements, which improved the quality Of the animation.The themes of life and death used in this piece showed a higher level of maturity because they rose above basic themes usually used for exaggerated animations. The last few seconds of the animation, touched on a contemporary subject matter that is important today- self-sacrifice. Sacrificing our personal needs for the ones we love can lead to a greater good. Just like how the escaped voodoo doll was courageous in sacrificing his own life by facing off the evil antagonist, e was able to save the other voodoo dolls from death.

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