Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Teaching and Learning Approach Essay Example for Free

Teaching and Learning Approach Essay Every learner has their own strengths and weaknesses that are reflect in the group. As a Teacher I must understand and focus on utilizing each learners strengths and work to improve on their weaknesses. All learners learn in a different ways and also from one another. The ideas and views of each learner brings to the classroom can bring insight into what is being learned. The classroom is a safe zone that appreciates individuals’ views and allows room for mistakes. Learners have to be allowed to explore new ideas, try them to see if they work, and sometimes fail. When learners are encouraged to explore, they begin to learn. Being a teacher means teaching students new information, drawing on their experiences and about being successful in life. â€Å"A session plan is a detailed breakdown of your scheme of work. It will outline all the teaching and learning activities, with allocated timings, assessment activities and resources required. It will also take into account the individual requirements of your students.† (Gravells, 5th Edition, p.63) A learner can have several different ways of learning style depending on the situation and task, a students learning style for on task may not be the same for a topic, subject or task. If a difference between the students learning style and a teachers teaching style occurs, this could lead to boredom, frustration at not understanding, low self-esteem (both learners and teachers), poor grades and dropouts. It is important to include a range of different teaching styles into the lessons, to help all students learn more successfully. To meet learners’ different needs a variety of interactive teaching and learning approaches need to be employed. Active learning engages and motivates learners to learn and achieve Good statement. There are hundreds of teaching and learning methods to choose from when deciding on the method to use for a particular class. Skills are needed in identifying and classifying those methods that could be of use to the individual teacher and students and in a evaluating the outcome achieved. I would plan my lessons, embedding the driver’s handbooks (PCV/HGV) and Highway Code and various driver’s rules and regulations: (embedding them within the learning). There are various factors that will limit the way people use the information effectively. I would also draw on the learners experiences as a useful tool as periodic training is about, Revision of what you know, Updating with changes and Sharing information between drivers. The goal of teaching is to develop proper and positive attitudes towards driving needs and to prompt lifelong skill. There are many learning styles and I used Affective Learning style, (Activities are designed so students are able to develop skills that will allow them to gain the full understanding of developing their skills and responsible behaviours), Allowing students to have a chance to participate having students understanding that they are allowed to try, fail, and then try again this will help them understand they cant be perfect every time they do something. Positive help from the teacher will keep the learner focused on the goal of developing their skills. Promote the use of working together in completing a task or goal. Using peer instruction where students teach each other and provide accurate and helpful feedback. ( With active learning is the time-spent teaching an understanding and development of the learner’s skills and the abilities of the individuals. I used group discussions, multiple questions. This would help to improve learner’s skills and there understanding road safety. At the end I gave out hand-outs to my learner to help them remember the main points of the session. At the end of session my peers complete a feedback so I can evaluate the session and complete reflective journal as how this session went.

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