Sunday, September 22, 2019

American and Finnish Work Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American and Finnish Work Teams - Essay Example Working together calls for the team members to understand their role and cultivate trustworthiness for the benefit of the group. There are emotional difficulties, which helps the team members to build trust and work closely with both American and Finnish teams. Teamwork is demonstrated by hard work and effort put by each in the team to ensure that they achieve the team's goal. A divided team cannot meet their target in this competing world where everyone struggles to produce the quality product to remain relevant. Whether the work teams involves employees in corporations, students in learning institutions or members of clubs and societies teamwork must be a very important thing for success. The differences include the Finland teams have a very positive attitude towards what they do and participate in especially Sauna. It is interesting to find even small apartment fixed with little Saunas demonstrating their importance in the Finish culture and was not for business purposes. American teams engage in matters relating to business including the football teams, whose players are heavily rewarded unlike Sauna, which is meant for the very scenario. American work teams focus on the individualism especially in situations where individual members in football teams are praised. Losing teams in America are normally forgotten I they do nothing to improve performance and other lose their members. Recognition is common for team members of the winning teams and become famous for their work even in big corporations.

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