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Benefits Of Becoming A Famous Sports Person Marketing Essay

Benefits Of Becoming A Famous Sports Person Marketing Essay In our vast world today, sport has become a rapid growing industry which most people regard it as a form on entertainment in their daily life. We live in an urban age where technology is so advance which enables us to watch live broadcasts of any sports we enjoy watching through various sports channels such as ESPN which cater to any sport fanatics needs. Firstly, people enjoy watching and playing sports as they wish to pursue their dreams in becoming a famous sportsperson one day. These enthusiastic sportspeople must persevere with full determination and concentration in excelling in their performance at the sport they have chosen. In my opinion, becoming a famous sportsperson brings many benefits to ones life as an individual would be able to reap special rewards, a countless sum of income, popularity amongst his fans, living an exclusive lifestyle and the ability to give training methods to inspiring athletes in the sports world. 2.0 2.1 Rewards Ive won the competition! It is every famous sports persons dream to be able to say this phrase. It is undeniable that winning in competition are crucial, whether for a famous sports person or an ordinary sports person. Everyone wants to perform well in their competition; the question is, what causes famous sports person work so hard for it? In my opinion, they want to get rewards from branded companies and government. 2.1.1 Sponsorship From Branded Companies A famous sports person usually able to get sponsorships from branded companies. This is because they work really hard and almost win every competition. Examples of branded companies are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Yonex, Carlton and Reebok. Sports persons need a huge amount of money to carry out their daily training, buy their sports equipments and accessories. Without the sponsorships, they will face a lot of obstacles in their sports life. Our famous sports persons Olympic gold medalist and Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt, they had just renewed their sponsorship arrangement with Puma until the end of 2013 lately. So Puma became the official supplier of training, performance, footwear and lifestyle apparel for Usain Bolt. Now, Usain Bolt can focus fully in his career without worries. 2.1.2 Government Incentive Besides, government incentive will be provided to the famous sports persons. This is because they have the responsibilities to take part in local, international and global tournaments. For instance, Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei is to be made a Datuk by the Penang Government. In the other hand, Malaysia Government also rewarded a cheque of RM300000 for winning the silver medal at the Olympic Games and a mock cheque for RM3000 as the pension reward. The pension payments are for life. In short, the famous sports persons definitely will get sponsorships from branded companies and government incentive as long as they maintain their excellent performances. Sports persons achieve iconic status instantly with awesome performance and hence are selected by top brands for endorsing their goods. 2.2 Income Sports, apart from being a good way of testing an athletes expertise and skill, are also big money. Today, sports persons achieve iconic status immediately with excellent performance and hence are selected by top branded companies for endorsing their goods. Apart from prize money and salaries, this is also where many famous athletes make most of their money from. This has become a recent occurrence of paying millions of dollars to athletes as income, which makes most famous athletes filthy rich. 2.2.1 Receiving Contract From Exclusive Companies Receiving contracts from exclusive companies is one of the income sources of the famous sports person. The companies will hire the famous athletes for their promotion of merchandise and work as product spokesmen. This advertising effect manages to improve the companies sale. So the companies will not be stingy in spending millions of money for the famous sports person. 2.2.2 Prize Money Lastly, there is thousands of tournaments give away prize money for the winners. Sports person will receive a huge amount of money from winning tournaments held locally and globally. For example, Tiger Woods who has won 65 PGA tour events picked up $41 million in prize money and 14 major golf championships in 2009. Thus, prize money means a lot to sports person as this is one of the income source. In short, we may be in the midst of a global economic recession, however, the worlds top sportsperson are still up to their necks in money. And the cash came from salaries, prize money, licensing income, and endorsements. 2.3 Popularity In our modern world today, it has become a common necessity amongst people especially celebrities to have a good reputation through the form of popularity with the public. This is to ensure that their popularity amongst their fans remains strong as they must maintain their title. Sports celebrities for example require popularity to boost their existence as skilled sports people in the sports world, so that the competitiveness between other sports celebrities remains very intense as each player wants to achieve victory. 2.3.1 Performance In The Sports Firstly, in being a popular sportsperson one must always maintain his performance in the sport he specializes in as his fans would always cheer him on to provide the support he needs during the game. Through this advantage of support, a famous sportsperson must never slack off in his performance and feel arrogant as pride always comes before a fall. For example, Rafael Nadal who is a famous tennis player made a simple job of winning his second Wimbledon mens crown, swatting aside the giant Czech Tomas Berdych who was 6 feet tall to the score of 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 in two hours 13 minutes. During the game, the weather had affected the performance of both players, but it did not lose their determination in winning the game. The support of the crowd had boosted Rafael Nadals moral support as they shouted I love you, Rafa, soon followed by Youre a genius, Rafa. After Rafa Nadal had won the game his opponent Berdych shook his head in despair at the chances he had missed but both players left the court with confidence and comfort. Hence, Rafa Nadal has gained popularity amongst his fans through his outstanding performance in winning the tournament which has boosted his reputation among other famous tennis players. 2.3.2 Exclusive Lifestyle Secondly, popularity in being a famous sportsperson would give the benefits of living a luxurious lifestyle without worrying much financially as he has performed well in the sport whereby sponsors would provide everything he needs. Through popularity a famous sportsperson would also be able to experience exclusive events which are only meant for celebrities which would attract the media for the publics entertainment. For example, the 12th Annual ESPY Awards which was broadcasted on the sports channel called ESPN on Sunday, 18th July at 9 p.m from Hollywoods Kodak Theatre was a huge success. At the awards, many famous celebrities from different working backgrounds such as Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Brooke Burke, The Rock and for the athlete presenters LeBron James, Tom Brady, Gary Payton, Terrell Owen and Serena Williams came together to celebrate this event. During the event, Denzel Washington also presented the ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage AwardThe Arthur Ashe Courage Award ( sometimes called the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage or Arthur Ashe for Courage Award) is an award that is part of the ESPY Awards. Although it is a sport-oriented awards, is not limited to sports-related people or actions. .. Click the link for more information.  to UNICEF ambassador and Liberian-born soccer star George Weah. The Annual Awards also acknowledged many top athletes who were ESPY Award nominees such as Walter Ray Williams,Jr. who was born on October 6, 1959 in Eureka, California and is among one of the top ranking professional Ten-pin bowlers in history. Walter Ray also currently holds the record for all time PBA career earnings which is over $4,000,000. Another celebrity sportsperson that was acknowledged was Martin St-Louis who was born on June 18, 1975 in Laval, Quebec, Canada and is a Ice hockey right winger who is French Canadian that has a playing career. Martin is also considered to be a diminutive player by NHL standards at 5 foot 9 at St Louis who has played six NHL seasons during the years of 2006 to 2007 for the Tampa Bay. Lastly the 12th annual ESPY Awards which was presented by Under Armour and GNC, gathered all entertainment and sports celebrities to recognize the top achievements earned by the sports people, salute the best performers and relive memorable moments during the awa rd ceremony. In short, popularity plays a major important role in the success of a famous sportsperson as he would have to strive in his sport with full determination and concentration to achieve victory and gain the support from his fans. 2.4 Rich lifestyle Living a rich lifestyle is everyones dreams. Nowadays we can see on news that most famous sportsperson is living in a rich lifestyle. But how does a rich lifestyle benefits them? 2.4.1 Able To Purchase Luxurious Items The advantage is that these famous sportsperson will be able to purchase luxurious items such as elegant clothes, jewelleries, famous cars, mansions and more. They are able to acquire these things as a result of their hard work and never giving up when they face obstacles. One of the examples of such a sports person is current Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a talented footballer from Portugal at a young age. Although he suffered a sickness during a young age he never gave up his dream of becoming a footballer. When he moved to play for Manchester United in England, it was his most flourishing period. He was voted World Footballer of the Year, he won medals, trophies, honors, and he was used on many product advertisements. From all of that, he earned millions of pound or dollar. He spends all those money on items such as a Ferrari automobile, buys a big mansion at Manchester, go to nightclubs, eats in 8 star restaurants. Besides, he also spends money on women like buy ing them handbags, mobile phones, dresses and so on. 2.4.2 Donation For Charity Besides being able to purchase luxurious items, sometimes these famous sportsperson will donate their earnings to charities. They do things like feed and provide shelter for the poor, and funding for development of education. It is better to do good sometimes then spend all those wealth for themselves. Roger Federer is one such sportsperson that lives a rich lifestyle but still donates some of his earnings to charity. Roger Federer earned $26,464,458 in his 8 years of playing career and founded the Roger Federer Foundation. This foundation aims to assist poor and deprived children. After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, he wanted to influence other tennis players to assist those who are affected by the tsunami. Moreover, he wanted to play as many charity matches as possible because he said that he wanted to help those who are in need. Roger Federer also became the Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF which aims to help those who are poor or deprived. As we can see, besides being able to purchase luxurious items for themselves, these famous sportsperson will also do charities for the poor and deprived. That is some of the things famous sportsperson who are living in a rich lifestyle can do. Hence, people who wants to be famous and lives in rich lifestyle must have a never give up attitude and work hard to achieve their dream. 2.5 Training Methods The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies as stated in the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.. Different sportsperson has different training methods in their daily trainings. How can these training methods benefit them? 2.5.1 Improve Their Performance In The Sport To Keep Fit One of the benefits is that most famous sportsperson have to improve their performance so that they will not lose their grip on the sports they are in like running, football, badminton, and other sports as well. What the famous sportsperson can do is that they can hire coaches to train them to have better skill performance in a certain time period, or buy better quality training gears. An example of a famous sportsperson who improves his performance in running by hiring a coach is Ralph Doubell. Before he became famous, he was a nobody; and his running performance was slow. To overcome the problem, he hired a legendary coach who specialized in running to train him, and his name is Franz Stampel. Franz Stampels training methods included mainly repetition and interval running, means getting off slowly before the track season approaches, increasing the intensity as then running competition approaches. This particular training method leads to Ralph Doubells Olympic gold medal in the 800m running during the 1968 Olympic Games and that is how he became famous; from a nobody to a somebody. 2.5.2 Able To Use Their Knowledge In The Sport In addition, from the training methods that these famous sportsperson get to improve their performance in the sport to remain fit, they are able to use their knowledge in the sport to great benefits like giving advice to the public on how to improve their performance in sports. Hence, it would motivate others to become better.To give an example of such a famous sportsperson is tennis star Roger Federer. On 24 May 2010 during the French Open, Roger Federer got interviewed. What he said on the interview was quite inspirational. In the interview, the interviewer ask him if a young player came to see him and asked what is the right motivation for him to have to become a champion, and has Roger Federer lack any motivation during his career. He explained that every player will go through a tough time throughout their career. When these players are young they have tremendous pressure surrounding them and these young players will want to prove their critics wrong so they will lose a little m otivation in the beginning. Besides that, he also said that young players must not give up easily when they are losing a match and must put a 100% into the game so that their opponent will respect them as they will train better like this. So, besides aiming to get their performances improve, famous sportsperson sometimes will also give inspirational talks or interviews to inspire other sportsperson to do better. These are some of the things that famous sportsperson can do to benefit themselves and others too. Everyone must take an example out of these famous sportsperson as they can teach us something we never knew before. Conclusion To conclude famous sports people have more benefits compared to normal sports people. These famous sports people however, do not become famous overnight as they must have the passion to pursue their dreams since young with full determination and concentration in perfecting their skills in the sport they have specialized in. Famous sports people who have made history such as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley from the NBA (National Basketball Association) have also given motivational quotes to inspiring young athletes by saying You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them by Michael Jordan and I know that Im never as good or bad as any single performance. Ive never believed my critics or my worshippers, and Ive always been able to leave the game at the arena by Charles Barkley. Through this, I believe that anyone can become a famous sportsperson as the hard work you put in pays off with loads of benefits. References Puma Renews Sponsorships with Usain Bolt 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from Beijing Olympics : Silver For Malaysia 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from Highest Paid Athletes 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from The 10 highest earning sports stars in the world 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from Nadal cruises past Berdych to win second title 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from Celebrity Presenter and Athlete Attendees Announced 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from Charity: 10 Generous Sports Personality Who Help Ordinary People 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from The Training Methods of Three Famous Distance Coaches 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from Roger Federal Interview French Open 2010, online, retrieved 18 October 2010, from

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