Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Industrial Security Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Industrial Security Plan - Assignment Example A safety officer supervises workplace activities to make sure that workers comply with organizations government safety regulations and policies. On the formulation of a policy, a security officer would ensure that all employees are alerted and in addition monitor on the compliance. The officer may also find it necessary to ask each employee sign a statement accepting receipt of the information. Safety officers examine interior and exterior workplaces to establish if there are any possible safety hazards. In these inspections, a safety officer checks for broken and damaged equipment, slip and fall hazards and other likely hazards (Subramanian, 2006). The officer also views workers to make sure that they are wearing necessary personal protective gear and following organization safety policies. For instance in the construction business, safety officers verify the stability of scaffolding, make sure that workers use helmets and footwear, and check to certify employees operate constructio n apparatus in a safe manner. When a workplace accident happens, a safety officer does an investigation to determine causes of the accident. The officer may decide to question witnesses, take pictures of any property damage and inspect the scene. Once the safety officer determines the reason of the accident, he is required to write a report detailing the grounds for the accident and lists recommendations that can assist in future accidents prevention. The OSHA requires the management to provide training on all safety topics and the ever-changing safety routines. These include hazardous materials handling, machine guarding and fire prevention plans. Safety officer’s spot out training needs build up appropriate and proper training programs and convey training to workers. They may solicit feedback from employees and use the feedback to better the existing programs or craft new ones (Subramanian,

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