Thursday, September 12, 2019

Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 5

Research paper - Essay Example The Willa Cather Literary work is based on telling the truths of a certain period and place. This is the reason why she became an inventor in American fiction. For example, her work vibrates not only with oral language of usual people but also with visual pictures that assist the readers to view the place truly (Robinson, 1983). However, some of her detractors praised her for writing about the common people in a common language. Most themes of her writing in the stories are usually associated with the adventure of moving to another place. In addition, her strong sense of place pervades works is incorporated into the themes of her work. Cather is a modernist writer because of using a unique theme in her writing. She was devoted to her writing and took risks of whatever she did. However, many people did not appreciate the truth in her writing but Cather continued to show the reality of life through her writing. The way she risked in her writing greatly influenced her literature in the world. The rising volume of critical focus to Cather in its own confirms her conspicuous place in American literary history. The growing interest in Cather literary work has revised interest in other artists who were known to Cather or who were significant to her. However, this might seem illogical because Cather privacy has become legendary due to the way she presented herself to the public. Cather usually presented herself through creating her own image shaped by childhood. This gives the reader a sense of personal association with her thus protecting her privacy by sidetracking attention from other parts of her life. Willa Cather was born on 7 December, 1873 in Creek Valley. Her young life left an impression which is memorable and created a foundation for her character stories. Her illustrious work is based on writing essays, short stories, poems and making contribution to journals and

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