Friday, October 4, 2019

Identitiy Theft Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Identitiy Theft - Essay Example As such, the paper seeks to discuss the impacts of identity theft as well as its impact to affected individuals as well as the society at large. According to Huang & Wang (2009), cybercrime can be described as violation of law which mainly involves abuse of information through the use of the internet in particular. Theft of information is a serious crime that is committed through the use of the internet. For instance, individuals can commit crimes such as identity theft or online stalking with the intention of using the information to commit different other crimes. Hacking is the most common crime related to identity theft through the use of the email system on the internet (Haag, Cummings & Dawkins, 2006). The hackers devise strategies to access individual or company databases with the intention of stealing confidential information. In most cases, the hackers send emails with positive promotional messages to unsuspecting individuals. Once the individuals open these emails or respond to them, their personal information is stolen unknowingly. Some individuals engage in what is known as card cloning where they use ICT to steal individual banking details. Identity theft is a common cybercrime that is committed by different people and it has serious implications on both individuals and large corporations. Crimes such as credit card fraud as well as theft of confidential information belonging to large organizations are often committed. A lot of individuals have lost their hard earned money as a result of crimes that are committed through the use of details that have been fraudulently obtained. Other large organizations have also lost money worth millions of dollars to fraudsters who hack into their systems and steal confidential information particularly their banking details. In some cases, the large corporations often lose confidential information about

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