Sunday, October 6, 2019

International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 9

International business - Essay Example In a word OPEC maintains the price and distribution control of petroleum as they are largest crude oil producers globally. In order to reduce the oil dependency on the OPEC countries US went for the introduction of substitute of fossil fuel. Ethanol is the effective solution and substitute. The ethanol industry from the starting days has created the objective in order to achieve the target audience base. In order to become the strongest economy the US government has motivated the industry from the starting point. The reduced dependency on OPEC will cut down several oil cost of US economy. Moreover, the adoption and the usage of ethanol will solve many problems. The problems of fuel consumption, emission of green house gas and air pollutant will be overcome (Elmendorf, 2009). The objective of the study is to analyze the ethanol industry according to the case study. The analysis will be followed by the industry SWOT analysis in US, and then the study will reveal the critical thinking, decision making and strategic analysis about the case in order to achieve the desired objective. Moreover the industry related issues are being found for the purpose of the study. The major objective is to bring the strategic solutions of those problems and structure some recommendations. Finally the study ends with the evaluation of analysis and conclusions. Ethanol is produced by sugar fermentation. It is an alcohol found in grains and different biomass. Now-a-days ethanol industry is one of the leading and profitable industries worldwide. In order to achieve the objective of the study ethanol industry SWOT analysis has been implemented. The SWOT analysis is consisting of internal strengths and weaknesses of an industry or a product or a service and external threat and opportunities and threats of those. Reliable, cost efficient and flexible supply and distribution network is the important strength of ethanol industry in US.

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