Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Life of Gaius Julius Caesar essays

The Life of Gaius Julius Caesar essays Gaius Julius Caesar was born in a working class quarter of the great city of Rome on July 13, 100 BC. In Rome a newborn child is laid on the ground by his/her mother then their father has the option to pick up and accept responsibility for the child or to leave the child. If the baby is left it could be killed, raised by another member of the family, or rescued by a slave trader/owner. Luckily for Gaius, when he was laid on the floor his father welcomed him into his family. On the ninth day of his life little baby Gaius got his name. Caesars full name is composed of three names. All three names have a symbolic meaning to his family. His first and last name was that of his father gens (clan), and on his mothers side he belongs to the Aurelian gens. Each clan has a past all in itself. His fathers clan, Julian, claims to be descended from Venus. And on his mothers side a rich plebian family is the staple of the clan. His uncle (by marriage to his Aunt Julia) was the famous general Gaius Marius. He was the leader of the Populares and held the position of consul (highest political office) for seven consecutive terms, while Caesars dad wasnt even a praetor (2nd in rank to consul). His uncle saw to it that young Caesar was appointed flamen dialis. This was one of an archaic priesthood with no power. This accompanied by Julius marriage to Cornelia in 84BC identified him with his Uncles extremist politics. Cornelia was the daughter of Cinna, one of Mariuss associates who was also a radical. In 82 BC when Lucaius Cornelius Sulla was made dictator he ordered a list of enemies to be killed. Caesar, because of his relation to Marius, was ordered to divorce Cornelia. He refused to do so & found it necessary to leave Rome. When Caesar ...

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