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Lean in Nissan UK Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lean in Nissan UK - Assignment Example 201). In order to obtain maximum benefits of the market and the target audience, it is ideal for companies in this industry to focus of exploitation of the global market with the aim of increasing the total revenues and profit levels at the end of the financial year (Meredith, 2012, p12). Performance is determined by market share or coverage in that organizations that have significant market share possess higher chances of addressing the needs and preferences of their targeted audiences across the globe. The industry also focuses on meeting of standards and quality determinants in relation to performance of the company (Medinilla, 2012, p17). Qingdao Haier faces stiff competition from four vital companies within the Motor vehicle industry across the globe. These four crucial competitors within the appliances industry include Ford Motor Company (United States), Benz and Toyota (China). These organizations thrive on extensive market coverage or share thus a reflection of large consumer base. The organizations also thrive in their approaches of invading global market with the aim of maximizing benefits of opportunities and options available at their disposal. These mentioned organizations enjoy dominance within the industry because of practicing of diversity in relation to their products thus the ability to segment their markets (Kanji, 1995, p66). Segmentation of the market depends on the geographical locations, age, economic status, and climatic conditions. The weaknesses of the company rest on their inability to exploit difficult opportunities prior to the exploration of easy options in the global market (Murch, 2004, p34). Buyers in the in company purchase their goods through different methods. One of the common methods of procurement within the company is through order and delivery approach. This approach requires the buyer to evaluate the need and quality of the Vehicle and then place an order with the Nissan Company within the Motor vehicle industry. The ne xt approach is to purchase its products through sub-branches. This entails visiting of stores to procure the needed product with reference to the financial status of the buyer and the need for the Motor (Cooke, 2010, p22). The market in which The Nissan Company is operating in has the ability to fulfill the demands of segmentation. From the perspective of the organization, it is ideal to practice diversity in the presentation of goods and services to the market or targeted audiences (Panneerselvam & Senthilkumar, 2010, p66). Despite the essence of diversity facing criticism in UK, the organization has the ability to segment the market. This is through practicing what consumers view as specialization in the operation market. In illustrations of the segmentation of the market, the organization participates in the provision of numerous Motor vehicle services such as spare parts (Goodpasture, 2010, p34). The organization has the ability to meet the demands of consumers in relation to th e segmentations in the market. This is essential towards quantification of the market segments in valuation of the revenue levels at the end of the financial year. Quantification of the market segments is evident in the motor vehicle industry that constituted 70 percent of the total revenue of the organization of about $ 12.1 billion in 2004. (Littek & Charles, 1995, p56) One of the requirements for success in the Company is the ability to control the market through large market share. This ensures that the organization

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