Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Requirement and Concept of Professionalism Essay

The Requirement and Concept of Professionalism - Essay Example However, according to Vener (1780), professionalism can loosely be defined as the skills and competence required or held by a person regarded as professional. It is thus a status of practice capability (Vener 1780). In order to comprehensively understand the concept, there is only one effective way to use, and that is to understand the attributes that constitute professionalism. The desirable attributes include altruism, honesty, compassion, accountability, social responsibility, the ability to read and communicate effectively as well as dress and act appropriately-just to mention, but a few (Vickie 131). It is the integration of such attributes and many other desirable attributes that create the aura of professionalism that practitioners and institutions should possess so as to guarantee improved healthcare outcomes. This paper reviews my research study period, and how the events of the period and involved people displayed professionalism in practice. Working on the morning shift greatly differed in the facility from what I had observed on night shifts. The night shifts were busier and everyone was either in a hurry to prepare the patient room for the next coming patient or preparing already admitted expectant mothers for delivery. I arrived at the facility at 7.00 a.m. and waited for Mrs. Susan, who is the obstetric patient safety nurse, and she arrived at around 8.00 a.m. Upon her arrival, we went through the observation tool that I had created for the study with additional help from Carey. This was in line with the professional need to align the study tool the study goals and objectives so as to achieve informative outcomes that would inform better practice. After a three-hour review, we all decided to have the tool completed prior to 11th December. The earlier completion was meant to help me have more time working with the unit.

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