Monday, September 9, 2019

AS2 Evaluation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

AS2 Evaluation Report - Essay Example intervention of the mass media as a method of engaging the wider segment of the community to establish an idealistic perspective of prosperity and economic development. The report considers entertainment and education for the young people as style that not only educate and entertain the community but also a technique of enlightening the essentiality of positive attitude towards developmental projects. The report presents an extensive description of innovative approaches as models of participation and community engagement. On the same note, cultural activities and electronic technologies are viewed as a way of enhancing social marketing campaigns to boost economic performance of the community. The study has an objective of establishing requisite procedures for collecting and interpreting communicable information in a bid to support the priority setting for addressing the concern of marginalized groups in a society. Be that as it may, societal outreach and mobilization has always been considered as a number one priority for engaging the marginalized groups since the dawn of time. The community sensitization and mobilization comprises of diverse issues that involves meeting and trainings. In view of the previous studies and comments posed by profound scholars, community engagement through traditional authorities and cultural activities are perceived as a stepping stone towards defining the needs of the disadvantaged groups in the community. Mass media has been conceptualized as technique of engaging and enlightening a wider segment of the community on the essentiality of grasping developmental perspectives. In a strong sense, mass media basically targets the young people since they are believed to have what it takes to implement and put into practice the developmental agendas for facilitating economic performance of a community. The use of television, billboards and quite a number of mass media procedures is quite essential in enabling the majority of disadvantaged

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