Sunday, September 8, 2019

Should companies disclose to the people if they make digital Essay

Should companies disclose to the people if they make digital correction on advertisement - Essay Example I am sure this will be a good omen for the companies because they can easily come out in the open and make their point clear which indeed is significant towards their understanding domains. If the company makes a concerted effort, the digital correction on advertisements would mean that they have a better word of mouth overall and that the varied publics will speak highly of the company (Kadir 2013). It will also implicate for the company being truthful about its dealings and a sense of openness is easily visible across the board. Another reason why disclosure is all the more crucial for the sake of the companies is because digital correction on advertisements reveals their intent to come out in the open and that too without much difficulty. This is the reason why companies tend to be ethical more than anything else. This will be the basis of finding out how anomalies exist and how such nuances can be resolved in an amicable way (Westrup 2009). The disclosure does not mean that the company is looking to cover up its mistakes of the past yet there is an element of honesty attached with the disclosure which is all the more significant and reassuring from the companys perspective. Ladies and gentlemen, I am convinced that coming out clean is a better policy than making one mistake after the other. The digital corrections on advertisements stand as a honest policy which will win many favors by the people at the helm of affairs within the company levels. It leaves no stone unturned and addresses the problems which are faced by the organizations in their day to day work bases (Gleason 1998). This is the reason why companies should always think to bring about sanity within their prevalent ranks and hence fully disclose any digital corrections that may take place over the advertisements that they are producing and/or relaying to the general public (Rosi 2010). I would like to end my speech with the belief that the digital corrections on

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